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Our structural team specializes in design for military facilities and is widely recognized as a leader in Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Design and Blast and Progressive Collapse Design. We have developed designs that meet the latest codes for blast protection and progressive collapse.

We are experienced in the analysis, design, and inspection of a variety of structures.  Our engineers have a broad base of experience utilizing a variety of material  types such as steel, concrete, timber, and composite systems which allows our firm to play an integral part in the project’s success. Our project success is also improved by our ability to provide not only typical construction administration services, but Threshold Inspection as well. Our team is committed to providing innovative solutions that enhance the architectural aspects of our projects. 



Blast and Progressive Collapse

Emergency Operation Centers / Shelters


Commercial Facilities

Communication Structures


Correctional Facilities

Educational Facilities

Fire Stations

Geotechnical Challenges


High Wind Load Analysis

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Industrial Facilities

Marine Facilities

Military Facilities

Office/Retail Facilities

Retaining and Sea Walls

Sport Complexes

Seismic Analysis

Special Structural Inspections

Steel, Concrete, Timber, and Composite Systems

Utility Structures

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