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Schmidt Consulting Group, Inc. is experienced with a wide range of fire alarm and protection system applications. We apply this experience to a variety of project types including upgrades, additions, and new facilities for educational, healthcare, detention and correctional, residential, mercantile, industrial, storage, commercial, and assembly. We provide all of the necessary site investigation and design for the systems, as well as, construction administration during system implementation.


Our Electrical Engineering Team is responsible for supplying fire alarm systems, large and small, to a variety of occupancies. Our team has experience using the latest fire alarm system technologies available including fiber optic network systems, multiplexed addressable control panels, ‘intelligent’ detection devices, and multi-sensor detection.

Our plumbing engineers design fire suppression systems including sprinklers, foam suppression systems, wet/dry pipe systems, single/double interlock pre-action systems, fire pumps and tanks, and clean agent fire extinguishant systems including FM200, FE25, and Sapphire.

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