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Our Design Team is also experienced in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and has received extensive training in Autodesk’s BIM software called Revit. Through the use of this software, a 4th dimension is created; meaning that all components (steel, HVAC units, piping, tanks pumps, etc.) are actually inherent in the model. The addition of this dimension assists in the coordination of all trades during the design process and eliminates conflicts.


This model can develop a bill of materials for elements such as pumps, pipes lengths, and flange types to help the contractor make a more accurate bid, resulting in a better price for the owner. SCG understands the benefits of this software and is committed to parallel our efforts with those of our clients and the industry as a whole.

PHCC Porter Campus
PHCC Porter Campus
Corry BEQ
Corry BEQ
Corry BEQ
Camp Shelby DPC
Northwest Florida State College
Maneuver Battle Lab Mechanical Room
All Disciplines Revit Model
Structural Model
Plumbing Revit Model
Mechanical Revit Model

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