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Gulf Breeze High School HVAC Renovation

Gulf Breeze, Florida

Gulf Breeze High School Aerial
Gulf Breeze High School

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Construction Cost: $7 million

Size: 135,000 SF

Mechanical Principal: Gene Schmidt

Mechanical/Plumbing Engineer: William Jones

Electrical Principal: Todd Nicholson

Structural Principal: Stuart Smith

Services Provided: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Structural, Commissioning

The renovation plan for Gulf Breeze High School consists of upgrading existing high school building administrative areas, classrooms, media center, kitchen, dining, gymnasium, weight room, band rooms and locker rooms. Work under this project will be completed in three phases, with the renovation work primarily being performed during the summer and during weeknights. Commissioning for this job has been provided by SCG. Construction is being completed in 3 phases, with the total project anticipated to be completed in August 2016. SCG also provided the CxA commissioning services for the mechanical systems, ensuring that the equipment was functioning properly and maximizing its efficiency. 


HVAC Design

The HVAC design includes demolition of existing ductwork and existing HVAC equipment; designing and providing a new modular central plant that includes chillers, boilers, pumps and valves; new cooling towers; and new DDC controls. The modular central plant is a UL-Listed, factory engineered and manufactured packaged plant that houses the building cooling and heating systems which uses chilled water and hot water as the cooling and heating medium.


Building Cooling System

The new chilled water plant consists of four 150-ton water-cooled variable speed screw chillers with N+1 redundancy, serving a variable primary pumping chilled water distribution system with a single distribution loop. Two stainless steel, open cell loop cooling towers are also be provided, each with two cells (one cell sized for one chiller). The new building main chilled and hot water loop runs parallel to the building on the roof and down to the associated spaces.


Building Heating System

The new packaged plant will also integrate a single heating water plant that consists of four condensing, natural gas-fired boilers serving a variable primary pumping hot water distribution system with a single distribution loop.


Each classroom is provided with fan coils with a dual set of hydronic coils, one for pre-conditioning the classroom outside air and one for comfort temperature control.  The media center, gymnasium, and band room will also be provided with new chilled/hot water variable air volume (VA) air handling units with variable frequency drives to provide comfort air conditioning.  All mechanical equipment will be controlled by the new Johnson Controls Direct Digital Control (DDC) system based on BacNet.


The electrical and structural design includes all power and structural support necessary to support the HVAC renovation, LED lights, cable TV, data and telephone, fire alarm and smoke detectors and wall outlets and receptacles. The structural design includes a reinforced concrete slab foundation, structural steel framing and bracing, roof renovations for mechanical equipment openings, handrails and ladders.

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