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Corry "A" School Bachelor Enlisted Quarters

Corry Station, NAS Pensacola, Florida

CorreyA BEQ
REVIT - Corry BEQ - Arch Rendering
Corry Welcome
Corry BEQ Sign
Corry BEQ - Architect's Rendering
REVIT - Corry BEQ - Beam and Gravity Column Design
REVIT - Corry BEQ - Rendering
REVIT - Corry BEQ structural

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Construction Cost: $14.3 Million

Size: 21,958 SF

Awarded LEED Gold Certification

Mechanical Principal: Gene Schmidt

Energy Specialist: Gene Schmidt

Electrical Principal: Todd Nicholson

Structural Principal: Stuart Smith

Services Provided: Communications / Audio Visual, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Structural

Schmidt Consulting Group Group provided structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and communications design services for a new 336 person, 168 room dormitory with shared bathroom and shower facilities.  The design meets AT/FP requirements and sustainable design goals.  


The building is conditioned using high efficiency equipment in compliance with ASHRAE 90.1 and EPAct 2005.  The system uses 94 - 3/4 ton PTACs, 86 - 1 ton PTACs, a 5 ton split DX Heat Pump, 3 - 4 ton split DX heat pumps, and a 100% outside air ground source heat pump with a heat recovery wheel.  The ground loop transfers heat to the ground through 60 wells approximately 300’ deep.  The ground loop condenser water pumps are monitored and controlled via the DDC building automation system. All chilled and heating hot water pumps are backed up by standby pumps with automatic start-up via the DDC control system.  A fully-ducted air distribution system is used in all areas not served by the PTACs. In addition, the domestic water system is supplemented with a ground loop heat exchanger to preheat the domestic hot water delivered to the water heating system for enhanced energy savings. 


The primary electrical service originates at an existing aerial 12,470 volt distribution line, with primary conduit an wire underground in a concrete encased duct bank to a new sectionalizer switch and pad mounted transformer.  An emergency generator was provided for the fire pump.  Interior distribution is provided through an electrical room on each floor with panelboards to feed branch circuits.  Digital meters monitor usage and surge suppression is provided.  A lightening protection system, and interior and exterior lighting were designed.  


The structure consists of composite floor structural steel frames on shallow foundations. The roof is 1.5” 22 gauge metal deck supported by light gauge metal roof trusses spanning steel frames.  Structural steel braced frames are used in the lateral force resisting system.  The structure was designed to resist progressive collapse.  Shallow spread footing were used for the foundation.  

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