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Biloxi High School

Biloxi, Mississippi

Biloxi High School Aerial
Biloxi High School
Biloxi High School Gymnasium
Biloxi High School Aerial
Biloxi High School Courtyard
Biloxi High School Courtyard
Biloxi High School Front Desk
Biloxi HS Media Center & Library
Biloxi High School Guard Booth
Biloxi High School Science Lab
Biloxi High School
Biloxi High School Art Studio
Biloxi High School Cafeteria
Biloxi High School Computer Lab

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Biloxi High School 

Construction Cost: $32 million

Size: 262,000 SF


Services Provided: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Communications 


The $32 million, 262,000 square foot Biloxi High School project, located in the Biloxi Public School District, Mississippi, was featured in the New York Times and on NBC’s the Today Show as an example of the district-wide, state-of-the-art video surveillance system designed by our Communications Team and used by the school. Our design was labeled as one of the most extensive in the country.


In addition, virtually no maintenance or human intervention is required because the system remotely runs a diagnosis of each server and camera every 10 minutes. The web-based system can also be integrated with alarm systems to alert school officials of emergencies such as fires and security breaches. The computer-based closed-circuit surveillance system, comprised of 150 color cameras, monitors all classroom and circulation areas as well as the campus grounds and parking lot.


The School’s design incorporates a central courtyard flanked by academic classrooms, a student gathering space, and a practice and competition-sized gymnasiums.  Another unique feature of the school are the four large computer labs that students can access in addition to at least six computers located in every classroom.

Biloxi High School Addition

Construction Cost: $9.3 million

Size: 60,000 SF / 2-story addition


Schmidt Consulting Group, Inc. provided Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Communications, and Structural design services for the $9.3 million, 2-story, 60,000 square foot addition to Biloxi High School.


The addition is designed as a FEMA shelter and contains a generator.

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