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ARFC  Entry Facilities

Dobbins AIr Reserve Base, Marietta, Georgia

Dobbins Air Reserve Base

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Construction Cost: $1.3 Million

Size: N/A

Mechanical Principal: Gene Schmidt

Electrical Principal: Todd Nicholson

Services Provided: Electrical, Mechanical

Schmidt Consulting Group assisted in the development of the design of entry control facilities for Dobbins Air Force Base Gate #2.  The project was designed as four separate sub-projects that could be constructed as stand-alone projects or together as one complete project.  The four projects included:

  • Inspection Station:  Vehicle/Commercial covered inspection station at Atlantic Avenue Southeast. ($290,000)

  • Gatehouse:  New central control facility for all inspection functions.  Includes a backup generator and unisex restroom.  ($428,000)

  • Canopy and Guide Signage:  Metal canopy over inbound and outbound lanes.  Includes hydraulic bollards in the outbound lanes and guide signage for traffic control and delineation. ($388,000)

  • Over Watch, Denial Barriers, Automatic Gate and Fence:  Over Watch with clear sight line, denial barriers to increase sequence reaction time to 11 second minimum, gate/fence repairs and gate/active vehicle barrier system controls.  ($362,000)

The project included site investigation, full design, construction documents and cost estimates.  SCG’s scope of work included mechanical, plumbing and electrical design. Each of the projects was designed to comply with UFC 4-010-01 DoD Minimum Anti-Terrorism Standards for Buildings and 4-022-01 Security Engineering: Entry Control Facilities/Access Control Points. 


The mechanical design included heating, ventilation and air conditioning for the Gatehouse, Overwatch, Inspection Station, and POV Canopy Guard Booth. The Gatehouse system includes two zones each served by a DX split system unit, with a ductless split system air conditioning unit in the communications room. The Overwatch and Guard Booth are served by packaged terminal heat pumps. Exterior areas have electric unit heaters, industrial ceiling fans and electric radiant heaters. Fully ducted supply and return systems were used. Plumbing design included potable water system, fixtures, wall hydrants and drains.   


New electrical service connects to the existing 12.47kV, three phase, delta primary overhead electrical power distribution system.  LED exterior site lighting is controlled by photocell and time switches and has manual override controls for roadway lighting, canopy lighting, and in-ground under vehicle inspection lighting.  Traffic signal lights were included. Fluorescent interior lighting is in compliance with ASHRAE 90.1 and emergency egress lighting systems are in accordance with NFPA 101.  A 208Y/120V, 3 phase, diesel emergency generator capable of carrying the load of for 12 hours for all major systems, including a UPS system, was included.    

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