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IN THE NEWS - Milton High School Renovation

Schmidt Consulting Group is proud to be a part of the major renovation project currently underway at Milton High School. Working directly with the school district, SCG is providing electrical, mechanical, plumbing and structural design. We are responsible for one of the major elements of the project: the new heating and cooling system.

SCG analyzed the building loads and developed a plan to replace the equipment, meeting the stringent scheduling and budget requirements. The new plant include chillers, boilers, pumps, and a cooling tower. The cooling tower, located on the roof, has two cells and three condenser water pumps. The hot water system has two condensing boilers, one lead and one lag, three parallel secondary hot water pumps and two primary dedicated constant volume pumps. The entire system was designed to be energy efficient and to have adequate capacity to serve the school's projected needs for many years to come.

Featured in the Pensacola News Journal - July 3, 2016

Article: Milton High School Getting 27M Efficiency Renovation


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